Me and my husband underwent IVF many years ago where the procedure required husband to provide sperm, however he did this on his own during self stimulation. This cycle resulted in a baby Alhamdulliah and also some spare eggs left for later.

I’m regretful I didn’t insist on myself helping him during this procedure which would have been halal. We wanted whatever would make it easy for him as he was nervous for me to help in a hospital setting where people are aware whats happening, which would hinder his ejaculation.

Nonetheless its been done and not sure if kaffara or penalty is needed and if the remaining eggs are ok to use too.

Please advise best as we cannot undergo full ivf again and the remaining eggs from previous cycle ( ie where masturbation was used) are our chance for further children.

Please advise what is required islamiclly ( kaffara, any penalty, istaghfar etc) after such a sin and how if we can still use those eggs.

Both of you need to ask for forgiveness from Allah.
However there is no kaffara for this, and the stored sperms/ eggs could be used again. But since you have a child, it is not allowed that you expose yourself to another person even a female doctor