Me taqleed krti hu ayatullah sistani ki, wo nai krte. Meri family taqleed k mamle me bht strict he wo chahte he ke mere hone wale husband b taqleed kre. yha esi situation me esa hoskta he ke wo ladka jhoot bol de k haa me taqleed krta hu? Wo actually khud taqleed nai krna chah rhe.

Agar che Taqlid ek ahem mas’ala hai aur Shariat ke laws ko follows karne main ahem issue hai magar aisa to nahin hai ke agar koi taqlid nahin karta to uske Shia hone main koi problem hai.
Magar itna zaroor hai ke agar Faith main similarities nahin hongi to aapke liye future main diqqat hogi.

Akhbariat ek bahot barha issue hai shiaism main. Magar jaisa ke aapne likha hai ke woh jhoot bol den ke taqlid karte hain to sawal eh hai ke ek Insan jhoot bolne ke taiyyar hai jo ke haram hai aur is baat ke liye taiyyar nahin hai ke Din ke usool aur Qawanin ko kisi expert se maloom karna chahiye.Ajeeb baat hai!

Ayatullah Sistani’s Fatwa is as follows that, “ If a person performs his acts for some time without taqlid of a Mujtahid, and later follows a Mujtahid, his former action will be valid if that Mujtahid declares them to be valid, otherwise they will be treated as void.”
I’ve a question as we know that the life and system today’s we follows is same as at the time of Imam a Masoom (a.s). If anyone says it’s same then let me ask three issue with is very common now a days:
What should we do being a true Muslim.
1- At the time of Imam e Masoom medical science had not discovered the issue of artificial insemination or IVF or IUI not today if any couple do not have child and their life is facing lots of problem due to not having child in such situations what they have to do? Do they do IVF or not ? If not then why ? If yes then on what ground in Islamic shariya? Because niether so we have any verse in the Holy Quran regarding this issue nor we have any direct Hadith from a Imam e Masoom.(a.s).
2- A person is a chain smoker and shariat says inhaling any dust or smoke which passes through our throat can invalidate our fast but same time there is a electronic cigarette which has neither smoke nor dust particle so does a person allowed to smoke electronic cigarettes while fasting?
3- Gelatin commonly used substance in hundreds of our daily food products. Also we know gelatin is abstracted from either halal animal or Haram. In this case what should we do? Who can tell gelatins is allowed or not ? Who can tell there is transformation taken place or not?
All these issue if they can find in any Hadith directly or if anyone can capable to show them in any Hadith then there are still many issue that is this Hadith is correct or not? Source of Hadith is true or not? Hadith has been said while Imam E Masoom was in Taqqaiya or normally he said it?
Religion is not a play or sport so anyone can deal with it.