Mojuda halat kya Zahoor e Imam ki alamat hain?
Masjid e Jamkaran pe surkh parcham ka buland hona isse kya murad hai?

In every circumstance and every moment, we must be waiting for the reappearance of the Imam and hope for this reappearance to happen soon. However we cannot say that because so and so event has happened, the reappearance will now happen.
Flying of the red flag over Jamkaran cannot be said to be a reason for the reappearance to be near. It has been 1400 years a red flag has been flying over Imam Hussain's dome.

Insha'Allah the reappearance is near.

The reappearance has conditions and one of them is the readiness of the hearts of the people. Allah can reform the issues and within a second, reappearance can take place. This reappearance is not restricted to being on a Friday either. If the conditions are not met then the reappearance can be delayed as well as discussed in the narrations