Mulla Sadra, Tabatabai and Imam Khomeini mention two paradises called "Garden of the Essence" (Jannah Al liqa) and "Garden of the attributes", with the "Garden of the acts" being the lowest station. Are the first two gardens immaterial and non corporeal? Or is it corporeal with a higher manifestion of the reality of Allah? I'm having trouble reconciling that me wanting a corporeal paradise is actually a lower form of paradise and that I'm not aiming high enough. But I feel that I really want a corporeal paradise for myself and not a non corporeal one. But am I making an error this way? I find the idea of non corporeality scary and non appealing, bit in this way I'm asking for a lower reward. Though is my desire valid and non erroneous? Am I bad or underachieving for wanting a corporeal paradise?

I am not an expert on these types of paradise. I follow the hadiths of Ahlulbayt (a) only when it comes to the descriptions of Heaven. According to our hadiths, it is clear that all levels of heaven are corporeal—they have some sort of physical dimension. Yes, the spiritual reward of God is definitely greater in Heaven, but heaven still has a physical dimension. Some philosophers may have different beliefs, but most Shia scholars have understood that Heaven is definitely corporeal.