My 80 year old uncle and his wife are going to umra for the first time without a Maulana or group. I had one question. If they complete the umra, finish the taqseer, MUST they do the tawaf un nissa the same day? It might be to taxing for him. Also, the last umra I did was 2017 April… are their any changes to the haram like levels for saee that I can give them a heads up on. Just in case you are wondering, I am assisting with umra procedure bc they aren’t too well versed on fiqh matters.

It is fine to do tawaf al-nisa next day or day after, but before they return and leave Mekka it must be done. The only thing they can’t do before tawaf al-nisa and afternoon taqseer is the relationship between husband and wife

Rules regarding tawaf and saee are the same as 2017 as far as I’m aware