My aunty, my uncle's wife is so ill. Both her kidneys have been damaged and she is admitted to the hospital. We do live with each other and so I have to do a lot of work like to cook meals of all the times and to go to the hospital to spend nights with her. There are other people as well in the house but I don't know how all the works are put on me. I have to give a competitive exam in december and I dont have time to study and this is my last oppotunity to pass the exam otherwise I have to leave that field and all money of my parents will be wasted, but in this situatin where I have to do a lot of house hold work, I am unable to study. Shaykh please suggest me some ways to come out of this situation. I have just 2 months left for my preparation for exams.

In addition to Duas, you should be clear and have an open conversation with your aunt and other family members. They need to understand the importance of your exam and your future
Have reliance on Allah and be positive and patient. Life is full of challenges and opportunities and this is one of yours