My bleeding stopped completely for 7 days then after that on one day i got little blood clot and after that there is just a dot on pad, and from today the bleeding is heavy with symptoms of haiz(with a light irritation and heat blood comes out) , so what should I do now? After seven days there is a red blood once only after that there is no bleeding just a yellow dot, and after several days, now bleeding is heavy with symptopms of hayz

If the time period was 10 days and it can be said that new blood is different from the previous one that was seen after the 7 days of no blood. After the 7 days of no blood, for how many days did you see dots of blood- that is important. 3 days? 4 days? If it's a total of 10 days. Then these three days if it can be said it's different from the previous one, it can be Haydh.