My brother who is nearly 40+ and 10 years older than me lives by himself, has quit his job 2+ years ago, doesn’t want to get married and fakes having mental health issues for the past 10+ years and doesn’t want to get government help or go to a therapist. Since I am the only other brother he abuses me verbally constantly but says whatever he does it is still my duty to support him financially until he is alive. I recently sent him a large sum to cover his heating and rent expenses but he acts entitled and not appreciative. I am struggling financially myself. I want to know in this circumstance to what extent am I obligated to maintain my sile rahm in Islam?

If at the end of the day he is really stuck and in need (regardless of the causes), and you are able to help him financially, then yes you should. However, you can put pressure on him to work by reducing the assistance a little such that he realizes it’s serious. So don’t stop completely helping him out, but do so in a way that pushes him to work. But at the end of the day, as long as he is in need, you should help him out. Allah will reward you and compensate you for that.