My child is enrolled in a daycare. He is learning many things over there but he has also started to dance on music. I guess they make him dance on rhymes. I had seen the previous daycare too, making kids dance.

I had mentioned this specifically while enrolling in this daycare, that I don’t want him to be made to listen to musical rhymes or dance. But they seem to have not paid attention to that. And usually they can’t stop one child from a musical activity, while all others are doing it, because child cannot understand and forced.

I’m thinking of many alternatives, but it’s not working out for me currently.
I wanted to know if it is obligatory to avoid musical rhymes for kids. Or it’s acceptable?

These days, every toy is musical. And my kid has also started to ask to play rhymes on ipad /mobile.

So should I avoid that too? What’s the ruling? How to solve this issue?

The general rule of Ayatollah Sayed Sistani is If the music that is suitable for entertainment and amusement gatherings comes out of it then it is not permissible.

These children’s rhymes do not seem to be the music that are used for night clubs for example. However the child listening to these and getting involved in these things may eventually lead them to want to listen to the other types of music when they get older. It is very difficult to navigate these things when our children go to school in the West and may Allah help us all. We should strive to teach them as much as we can at home without overwhelming the children of course. We can tell them that there is no benefit in these types of entertainment and the real benefit is in other things which lead us closer to Allah.