My child is enrolled in a daycare. He is learning many things over there. But he has also started to dance on music. I guess they make him dance on rhymes. I had seen the previous daycare too, making kids dance.

I had mentioned this specifically while enrolling in this daycare, that I don't want him to be made to listen to musical rhymes or dance. But they seem to have not paid attention to that. And usually they can't stop one child from a musical activity, while all others are doing it, because child cannot understand and forced.

I'm thinking of many alternatives, but it's not working out for me currently. I wanted to know if it is obligatory to avoid musical rhymes from kids. Or it's acceptable?
These days, every toy is musical. And my kid has also started to ask to play rhymes on ipad /mobile. So should I avoid that too? What's the ruling? How to solve this issue?

You should be careful as it may develop into a habit and liking as the child grows up
It depends on age but you must not take this lightly and tried to avoid it as much as possible, esp when child becomes older such as 7 onwards