My colleague who I respected like a father, died two months ago. He had never prayed or any other ibadah but his character was good. He had soft heart, respected women, had rahma, had sabr. He died of cancer which he did fight 14 years. He lived bachelor while life. And knew many criminals. But did work halal himself. He helped many. He even prevented people from commuting big sins like murder only because of Allah and he said he only thought about Allah and not jail. Last moments family started reciting surah Yaseen and he past away with one tear in his eyes. My question is, will he have hard time in grave? I know he didn’t do anything that linked him to being a Muslim but he had morals and was a good person can those facts save one? And I saw him in my dreams where he was working in a pizzeria (he did that before I knew him, 30 years ago) in the dream he told me he was sad and said I struggled with sickness now this (and pointed to himself). Should I pray for him, or sadaqah?

You can pray for him and pay charity on his behalf.
We cannot judge people and decide whether or not they’re experiencing difficulties in the hereafter and whether they will end up in heaven or hell. Those things depend on what they were exposed to, what they accepted or denied after it being clear