My daughter got involved with a gujrati boy. They dont do taqleed and believe in some bawas like peers. I want her to leave this guy. Any special amaal? I’m doing ziyarat arbaeen, ashura, dua al qama, ziyarat e aale yasin with amaal of imam e asr a.s iyyaka na’budu but my daughter is not listening at all. I have a depression problem so I recite tahajjud after Isha as had heard in some lectures. I’m confused what elseto do. O was given amaal kun fayakun to do after tahajjud but after 12 and it’s impossible for me so if I do same after isha would it be accepted? In the name of Ahlulbayt, I tried to give home to this boy for few months but he decided to reside and couldn’y tell him to go and my daughter too is at fault for this. I did for good and it backfired. Now she is adamant on this boy. Please show me a way.

I feel Duas and Amaals are great but you need to have a mediator to assist you in talking to your daughter. You really need to involve some elders of your family or community who are wise and God conscious in helping you to bring back your daughter on the path of Allah swt. You can do your amaals after Eisha prayers if you feel you cannot get up during tahajjud time