My family wants to adopt a cat, but we are not sure about the najasat of the animal. On Ayotallah Sistani's website, it states that the cat is not najis, but the feces and urine is. Does this mean that having the cat as a pet is not allowed, since the cat will eventually step in their urine when using the litter box? Or is the cats paws and fur not able to transfer najasat? Are their hairs najis? On Ayotallah Sistani's website, it states that 2-3 hairs are okay to read namaaz, but do the hairs make the furniture najis?

It is allowed. However, if it spilled its outcome on the carpet, floor, or clothes, it will require cleaning. The hair is not najis. However, it is not allowed to pray with parts of not eatable animals on body or clothes. Yes, according to his Eminence, 2 or 3 hairs does not harm the prayer.