My father died 2 year back, my sister used to see him in her dream regularly as she used to take care of him when he was alive. She recently got married, and after marriage she seeing her father regularly where he's saying he is not happy, he is angry and she thinks her father is not happy with her marriage. Whenever we missed any nazr of him he used to come in her dream and once nazr done he give blessing.

I have 2 question.
1. Is there any issue if someone seeing in dream regularly?
2. What to say to my sister as she thinks her father is not happy with her marriage and eventually she started feeling unhappy and thinks something wrong goin to happen with her.

1- No your sister should not think that your father is unhappy with her marriage. As long as it’s a good marriage and she is in Allah’s obedience then he would be happy.

2- Him appearing in her dreams regularly might mean that he wants her and his other family members to remember him with good deeds. Do more good deeds (prayer, charity, Qur’an) on his behalf. This will make him happy