My father doesn’t pray and when we ask him why, he always says that he feels sick when he prays and that Allah will excuse him from Salah because he knows his condition. I have another question. he says that he feels sick when praying then is there any solutions to that? I’ve heard people say that it could be black magic or something alike that makes him feel sick when coming close to prayer. How can we confirm if this is something related to magic or if it’s something else?

We tell him that he still has to pray but he rejects everything we show and if it’s the Quran then he changes the interpretation to his own understanding without any basis.

1- Pray for his hedayah daily. Don’t give up. Sometimes after many years Allah guides a person

2- Let him write Sura Falaq and Naas and wear it an armband when trying to pray. This could be effective. Wearing the Herz of Imam Jawad (a) is also recommended. Even if he feels sick, let him pray for a few days and hopefully the feeling of sickness will go away and decrease

3- Be creative and find effective ways to convince him to pray.

Please see this video and use some of these points to attract him to prayer:

4- Pray Salat Ja’far al-Tayyar and ask Allah to guide him

5- Recite this Du’a