My father had a talk with me recently asking why we don’t have kids yet. I told him I don’t want to yet. He said that I am not allowed to do such and that I should be having kids at the first chance possible. That I am committing Gunah Kabeera (major sin) by taking away my wife’s ‘right’ to be a mother. He says that if God wants his Shias to have children and I’m not helping that goal of His then I am coming in His way and that he’ll punish me by taking away our ability to conceive.

From my understand and research- from a shariah standpoint I am allowed to plan when I want to have children and if at all. I am under no compulsion to do so even though I understand how highly recommend it is to have a progeny/offspring.

Please guide me, I’d really appreciate it.

You can choose to have children with your wife when you are both ready. Your father cannot force this upon you.