My father in law suffers from cancer stage 4 and has done all treatments to cure it but nothing worked it was just more of pain to him. He is now in hospital under palliative care. Now we are waiting for him to return to Allah. My father passed away so I looked at him as my support . Now me and my husband and family are dishearten and we don't know how to ease ourselves.
Please guide us how to console in this situation.

I can understand that I saw my father in his last days on a ventilator and could not even communicate with him. It was very painful but after he left this is what I trained my self :
If my father left, the original care taker lives who was the creator of my father and blessed me with him will make others who could give me fatherly care and passion. So He swt was always there for me taking care of me. Thereforemake your connections with Allah swt and such will indeed.
So sorry to hear what kind pain you are going through. Allah swt is always there try reaching out to Him.