My fiancé and I will be having our nikkah recited within the next 2 months due to launching of paper work. However, it is known to both of us as well as our families, that the nikkah is only being recited to launch the paperwork to allow migration.

The question is the a’amaal that is recommended for the wedding night, such as the washing of the feet with water, as well as the recitation of the salah and du’as where he holds the forehead of the bride, can it be deferred until the ceremonial wedding?

Also, please advise us if there are any other a’amaal that have been recommended for the days leading up to the nikkah, please do share them with us.

Those recommended acts should be done during the actual wedding night (meaning when he actually moves in with you and you’d sleep in the same room). So yes you should defer these a’mal to that time.

As for the Nikah, it’s Mustahab for a khotbah (the religious speech) to be recited. And just avoid certain days such as the time when the moon enters scorpio, and also the 29th and 30th day of the lunar month (when the moon is not visible).