My friend gifted me a sharaf ash Shams stone

I paid some money to install the steel ring below it.

The whole ring is in good condition as I wore it for a few months (after the few months, I got it serviced from the ring shop)

I would like to sell it. When i asked the shop keeper in Qum he gave me a certain price (150,000Toman)

I have a relative coming from London who wants to buy the ring.

So according to Ayatollah Khorasani, can I sell the ring at an increased price because he will pay me in the London currency?

Its jaaiz. It's your ring and you can sell it at any price with the consent of buyer. What you should do is
show the ring to the person intend to buy it from you and tell him the price.
Ask him to check and see the ring thoroughly. Once he accepts sell it to him. But as you are selling him more then the price of market that may bring for you some sort of "un auspicioness". Yes if you sell him in London you can sell with this price but in Iran (although its jaaiz for you) it can bring some bad consequences for you