My friend had a question which is  "Did that soul realm and the contracts we made, exist before the creation of Adam and Eve or did it come after… Because if our souls existed in that realm before the creation of Adam and Eve, then it doesn’t really make sense because God thought of the idea of humans as a new creation… But we already existed? So were we wandering souls, or did we experience something like heaven before being placed in these bodies Or did we exist in another body until God thought of humans “why are we superior to Jinn, why did God make the angels and iblees (the one jinn which revered God like an angel) bow to Adam” If Jinn have supernatural powers and can out live Humans, what makes superior to them?” in the Quran we have a title Ashrafa Makhlokaat why do we have this title if they"re more intelligent than us and have developed further in technology"

I have given lectures on your questions