My friend kept a nadhr to finish 100,000 salawat in the span of two months and to dedicate the thawab to Rasulullah. At the end of the 2 lunar months, she had not yet finished 500 salawat. What does she have to do? Also, is it necessary to recite a seegha? She recited Lillah ‘Aliyy and also wrote it down but her teacher told her that, that particular seegha is only acceptable for Muqallids of Ayatollah Makarem

1- This is the proper Seegha for Nadr. One would say “Lillahi Alayya…” and then states what they want to do. So this is a correct Seegha according to all scholars.

2- Since he did not fulfill this Nadhr, he has to pay a Kaffara, which is feeding ten poor people. The minimum for each poor person is 750 grams of food (such as wheat, rice or dates).