My husband works in Finland. After he went back he isn’t caring about me. I got pregnant and he is not showing interest. He is getting far and not paying attention to me. I am too worried. Can you please tell me what to do or which dua to recite so Allah fill his heart with love for me.
I am very upset.

And another question that is my pregnancy is creating issue in my visa to go to him. Is it justified to go for abortion? I didn’t tell him. If he said to abort what should I do?

I am very sorry to hear about the troubles you are experiencing. Your husband must take care of you and show you affection, this is his Islamic responsibility. If you can, maybe ask someone to speak to him and remind him. In the meantime, recite Quran and dua because these are the best things to help solve our problems.
Abortion is not permissible unless it poses a serious harm to the mother or causes difficulty that is not normally bearable