My issue is this that i have very severe anger issue that has also diverted me from deen. I have started denying Islam it seems like I have become an atheist. Whenever someone talks to me about Islam I get so angry. Whenever i hear quran recitation somewhere I get angry and frustrated. I have not prayed for past several months. I have even started disrespecting my parents. I know I am doing wrong but I don’t know why I can’t control myself from doing so. Please help me with this and tell me what should I do to come out of it

My dear son, you are going through the stage of refusing guardianship, and this is the reason for what is happening to you. You reject your parents as you reject religion, because you see that they rule you, and you want to be free, do whatever you want. You see religion and parents as shackles, so you try to break free from these shackles. You have to change this view, and look at your parents that they are your safe embrace, and that they are ready to do everything to see you successful and happy, and that their orders and prohibitions for you are only out of love and preservation for you. If you are aware of this, you will know that religion is the true love, which is the love of God Almighty for the servant, and that the legal duties and taboos are the means of human spiritual integration. As no one doubts that this world is not a house of decision, but rather a passage and a bridge to another life that is more important and longer than these few years that we spend on the surface of the earth, so it is necessary to prepare that house to which we will move, whether we like it or not.

Of course, Satan has a great influence in making you look at religion and your parents in this way. His first and last goal is to sabotage a person's relationship with his Lord and his parents, and he dances for joy at that, so do not let him get his wish.

There is no magical things to solve this. It requires controlling your self (Jihad Al Nafs).
By practicing so, you will gradually control your anger.