My issues is this that I have very severe anger issue that has also diverted me from deen. I have started denying Islam, it seems like I have become an atheist. Whenever someone talk to me about Islam, I get so angry. Whenever i hear quran recitation somewhere I get angry and frustrated. I have not prayed for past several months. I have even started disrespecting my parents. I know I am doing wrong but I don’t know why i can’t control myself from doing so please help me with this and tell me what should I do to come out of it

Who said you are atheist and don't believe in Islam? If this was the case you wouldn't ask this question.
Alhamdolillah you have fear of Allah you feel guilty what you have done agaist your desire. This is a very good sign. Many people skip their rituals that is not good but it's very common too. So don't worry about that. You just try to go agaist your wish or desire for a while i mean when your mind says dont pray namaz pray it just for the sake of not listening to your inner instinct. Recite this line as much as you can " La Haula Wa La Quwata illa billahil Aliyul Azim Hasbunallah Nemal Wakeel Nemal Maula Wa Nemannasir".
Listen to your parents if you feel anger leave the place.