My little brother has been very suspicious lately, both in his acts and the way he talks. He talks to girls in a very haram and sexually way on Snapchat. His best friend list consists girls only. I checked what he search for in safari and that was pornhub. I’m very concerned, because I don’t want him to grow up like this. I can’t share his sins to my mom and dad, because they’ll be very mad if they found out. That means that i have to cope with this. I don’t know what to do, Can you please help me

First it is important to tell your parents because my suggestion is you should not enter into this directly yourself as it would cause problems for you. Your parents will have to deal with this calmly so as to maintain a strong bond with your brother.

Secondly, your brother will need to be referred to a counselor/psychologist to help him stop watching porn as this can be quite addictive and requires professional help to leave. If there are any other problems he is facing that are the root cause of his actions, it can be solved by a counselor as well.