My mom has been reading ziyarat Ashura from a book named Nemol Amal, written by Mohammad Hussain Naqar Pakri for years. In that book , it’s not written that you come to the part of cursing the enemies of the Ahlulbayt you should say it 100times nor does it says that one should go to prostration while reading this line.

My questions are:

1. Is it MUST to say certain things in Ziyarat Ashura 100times +go down in prostration?

2. My mother didn’t knew up till now, she is worried that all these years she had been reading it wrong. Is her Ziyarat Ashura which she read after every obligated prayer accepted?

Of course when any Ziyarat or Dua and even Tasbeeh of Bibi Fatima (s.a) has been introduced to be recited we should do same. But in case of Ziyarat e Ashara if you have not enough time you may recite at least one or ten time rather than 100 but not reciting at all means you have reduced the Ziyarat from your side while traditions says it has those parts too. Also we must recite “ Allahuma Lakal hamdo Hamdash Shakerin….. in Sajdah.
But as for as you’re mothers case inshallah she will get the sawab of this Ziyarat as she has recited because she didn’t know but from now she has to recite complete Ziyarat from the authentic Dua book.