My older brother practices/does witchcraft, Tarot, black magic and is a kafir/non-Muslim/disbeliever, and believes in Taoism, Buddhism, instead of Islam. He has changed his Islamic name of Ahmed Saddique to the disbeliever/kafir/non-Islamic name of Dimitri Dimitri. If my mother visits her black magic doer son, then can evil jinns possess and harm my mother?

If my non-Muslim/kafir/disbeliever black magic doer brother lives with my mom and myself, can evil jinns harm my mother and myself, due to the black magic that my non-Muslim/kafir/disbeliever brother is doing?

(I suspect some evil jinns might have gotten control of my older brother because of the black magic that he does)

No harm can come to your mother or you from such things. Take refuge in Allah and pray that your brother returns to guidance