My parents do not wish for me to study any professional degree (engineering or business) since they don’t want me to work in any private firms. The only fields I am open to are medicine or to work as a teacher. They say that living with them, I cannot work anywhere except the option given to me but once I am married then i can do as my " husband" wants.
I do understand that working in a non-muslim country especially for women is difficult but living in (removed) which specially caters to Islamic moral codes, I dont understand the problem my parents see. And if there is something wrong according to the islamic laws then how no way out of this does it become fine once I’m married.
I dont want to fight with my parents but I see no way out of this. Is it Islamically wrong for a woman to be career oriented? How should i try to convince them?

Woman can aquire higher education and Rasul saw saId it is wajib for male and female both.
Try to convince your parents with the help of local scholars or elders of the family or relatives. Yes you are doing great job, do not argue with them and do not hurt them.
After the marriage off course you can get the socialisation.