My parents do not wish for me to study any professional degree (engineering or business) since they don’t want me to work in any private firms. The only fields I am open to are medicine or to work as a teacher. They say that living with them I cannot work anywhere except the option given to me but once i am married then i can do as my " husband" wants.
I do understand that working in a non-muslim country especially for women is difficult but living in (removed) which specially caters to Islamic moral codes I dont understand the problem my parents see. And if there is something wrong according to the islamic laws then how does it become fine once I’m married.
I dont want to fight with my parents butI see no way out of this.
Is it Islamically wrong for a woman to be career oriented? How can i convince them to let me study what i want?

My beloved daughter there has been so many cases of women being abused indecently until cases of rape in UAE and Qatar by the bosses of the private firms and businesses. Some by black mailing the girls other by giving them something in their drinks and so on. Horrifying cases. And since many of them get away easily without any proof and even if the girl complains she and her family get deported. So please be careful in whatever you choose. I think your father is not telling you the true reasons. Many foreign girls are oppressed and the law cannot do much. So of the low income families daughters are also given money to support their family and forced to do wrong and many of them do not have any choice except to accept.
Sorry for these bitter facts I know this because many share their pain to me.