My pregnancy in 2019 didn't allow me to keep the previous years fasts hence I paid the kafara back home. Now due to delivery I couldn't fast the whole of Ramadhan in 2019. How many fasts are liable for me this year before Ramadhan. Will it be only 30 fasts pertaining to 2019 Ramadhan or also the previous year ones too for which only the kafara has been paid and no qaza has been done? Also for the month of delivery besides keeping qaza is there any kafara too?

For the last month of Ramadan, you will have to give fidya (kafffara) and fast however if you cannot keep all the fasts till the coming month of Ramadan, then you have to give two fidya (one for the missed fast and one for the missed qadha) as well as keep qadha fast whenever you can.