My question from you was that:
1.) Can we call ALLAH khuda or parwardigar? As these names are not mentioned in the quran and have origins from persian culture.

2.) Could you please provide me with references which say that Imam Ali a.s. helped other prophets(pbut) before prophet Muhammad SAW as I heard in one of the scholar’s lectures.

1. You can use it. It’s just a change of language, the meaning doesn’t change. Yes you can’t use in kalima or takbeer.
2. Yes they elaborate this of prophet :
یا علی ان اللہ اید بک النبیین سرا و ایدنی بک جھرا۔
O Ali Allah has supported the prophets by you secretly and supported me openly.
حلية الابرار ج٢ ص ١٧