My question is about namaz
I live in china and study medicine here
I am in north of china so here in winter temperatures go below -20 so it’s tough to pray namaz outside and as the laws of china we cannot pray at any public places now i have classes from morning 8:00 to 5:10 evening in between we get break of 1 and half hour but there is no place to pray namaz can you please guide me about it because o live far away from my university so my zohar and asr namaz gets qaza sometimes especially in winter because days are short so magrib is early
Please sir what can i do

Can you speak with university admin may be they will help you if there is no option then try to reach early to pray in time if still there is no option except this then you pray qadha in this special circumstance but still try to find solution inshallah you will find better option because where there is a will there is way.