My question is about the recitations which we can do individually for ourselves and tie knots in white cloth i.e sura e Yasin , sura e mulk and certain ziyarats. Well what are the best recitations we could recite for ourselves and keep in our kaffan for covid is an eye opener for us that we have to stop depending and start take our SAAMAN E SAFFAR recitations ourselves in our grave. So can you please direct me what recitations should we do

All the things you mentioned in your question are secondary, some of them are recommended, while others are not, such as tieing knots in white cloth, these are untrue works.

The best thing you are required to do is to be pious to Allah.
Pray your 5 prayers on time, in good way, taking into consideration that you are standing in front of Almighty.
Do not do any sins.
Do not talk behind people.
Be good to people, mainly your parents, husband and relatives.