My question is based on philosophy and theology, as you better know in Quran it is mentioned that "…. people will go to jannat and it is the ultimate success and goal." and further if I ask any scholar and even in Quran it is mentioned that there will be rivers flowing, sweet fruits, big castles and Hoors so on. So basically all these are materialistic and worldly desire which we are instructed to not run after and not make them our goals, as the nearness to Allah is the ultimate purpose. On the same hand if jannah is at the end of day all these wordly materlistic desires in their perfect form, how and why will they provide ultimate satisfaction(sakinah) and success, or is it some thing else that is not spoken of that we will get in Paradise?

The system of the Qiyama will be completely different from what we are used to in this world. It’s material but not like that of this world. It will have no side effects and hassles. Unlike what we have in this world.