My question is how can I “rebuild” my love towards my husband again? However, it’s been few months my husband does not spend any time with me!
He is a very caring father and helps me with the children but when comes to me as a wife and there is no affection, love or anything

I recommend the following:

1- Ask Allah to bring you closer together. Supplication does wonders.

2- Figure out what his areas of interests are (like the topics he discusses when he is with his family or friends). Bring up those subjects with him. For example, let’s say he likes business or politics. Before he comes back home, go read to see what’s going on then discuss it with him. You’ll have to do some preparation for this but it’s worth it. You will gradually be able to get him become more and more interested in you Insha’Allah.

3- Even if this might be difficult for you in the beginning, but when you are able to (let’s say kids are sleeping or upstairs), try to entice him and physically attract him.

Some of these steps might be difficult at first, but you take the first step, and you are doing so for your own marriage. You will benefit and be at peace. So it’s well worth it. And even if the beginning he might be a little cold, keep doing it and you will reach his heart.