My question is how to deal with an unreligious family, not praying or learning about ahlulbayt. Includes the parents and siblings. Is it my responsibility to guide them? I’ve tried with siblings but it’s hard with no influence from parents . I complete religious deeds in front of them so they learn but still no change. Will I be punished if I stop trying, or can I keep praying to Allah they are guided?

You are responsible to show them guidance. You must try and be creative in your approach. If you don’t sound like lecturing them, they don’t feel judge, and you use an indirect, creative approach, many times it will work. But sometimes it will not work and they continue rejecting guidance. In that case you have fulfilled your responsibility. So if you lose hope and realistically they are not accepting anything from you, you don’t have to keep trying. Yes, every once in a while try to creatively remind them. Reminders help significantly over time. Show them kindness, compassion and empathy. Talk to them from your heart.