My question is how to pay back the money of the stolen items to after 10 years in case don't know the owner? Background: 10 years ago almost I live in a hostel while studying. With some friends I used to visit stores and stole items like soap, deodorant etc. We did that in a fun 4 to 5 times but later on we realized its wrong then we stopped. Now, after 10 years I visit that city and try to find the owners so that I can payback the money roughly I remembered but I couldn't find them. Please tell me the way how can I payback? Some one told me to calculate the money of the items and give that to some one poor needy person as a sadqa on behalf of those owners. Is it the right way? As it is very difficult to find the owners.

First of all try to find the owner and pay back to him if you are unable to do so then yes it is right calculate the price and give sadaqah on behalf that person but remember if one day that person appeared then you have to speak to him if he will be agree with sadaqah then it is fine but if he demands then you have to pay again