My question is if I want to marry a girl as we are both baligh, can I marry her in as her parents are ready but my parents aren’t. And I surely know my parents will never accept her and can remove me from inheritance. As they consider their(bride) family to be enemy or not worthy of getting into relationships.

It’s very difficult to say that you don’t listen to your parents because as for as Shariat (Islamic laws) concern you are a baligh male so you can take your decision on your own but according to ethics you must follow your parents wish also. On the other side if girl with whom you wish to marry is a good and cultured religious girl then you can proceed this up to marriage.But make sure if you have doubt that it might be you will loose your parents mercy then please think about it. Please try to convince your parents anyhow otherwise if possible don’t go ahead in that relationship with the girl and tell her it’s not possible for you to leave your parents. Property is not the matter if it was that only I would recommend you to do so as you wish but loosing ones parents mercy is not an easy thing.