My question is, if it doesn’t happen that I find a good match is it a sin to live rest of life unmarried? And also, unfortunately I have no desire for having children. If I get married to a man who has children can I deny to have? And is it a sin? My deepest wish is to find a good husband and adopt. But it doesn’t seem realistic. My most realistic option is to live with my mother, work and pay time to my deen.

1- It is not a sin to stay unmarried for the rest of your life as long as you are sure that you won’t fall into sins because of being single.

2- Yes it is recommended to get married. It’s the Sunnah of our Prophet (s). If someone good and righteous comes your path, do take the opportunity. But it’s not haram if you don’t want to.

3- If you do get married, you are not obligated to have children. It’s not a sin to not want to have children. So that’s fine. Yes, it’s recommended to have children.

You may see this video about that: