My question is in regards to how can one perform all their actions sincerely for Allah, with full Ikhlaas.
It feels very difficult. We humans are social beings and would like to be accepted in the society we live in and so sometimes we do actions saying it is for Allah but we cannot deny that we also want the people around us to be pleased with us. I don’t know if I am wrong but sometimes it feels like it is in our nature to want people to be pleased with us? Or is that the waswasa of shaytan?

So for example I go to university and make the intention that I want to gain Knowledge to gain closeness to Allah by serving the Imam of my time (a.s), and so I would want to perform and get the best grades but if I don’t do so well then I feel ashamed infront of the people around me and start thinking about what they will think about me (doesn’t that show that I was doing it for people?).
In the same way we participate in recitations during the programmes held in mosque and we get pleased when people acknowledge and praise us.
Isn’t that the complete opposite of Ikhlaas for then our deed is not solely for the pleasure of Allah.
What steps can one take to ensure that their deeds are solely performed for Allah and only Him and not care whatsoever about people’s opinions.
And is there a way to test and know if we are sincere in our actions?

It is normal to worry and be concerned about what people think. The most important thing is that your intention remains for Allah. Whatever you do in life which is good, let it be for Allah. The hadith says the reward is all through the intentions. You know your intentions are for God if you are not sinning or prioritize what people think over God.