My question is regarding Aqeedah/Aqaid. What is Aqeedah and why is it important. There are so many sects within Islam. Everyone believes in Allah (SWT) and RasoolUllah (S.A.W), everyone acknowledges that prayer, zakaat, hajj, fasting etc is obligatory.

So why is it important to know the importance of Aqeedah and research that it is correct if as a muslim are fulfilling your day to day obligations and Allah will judge you based on your actions.

Aqeedah refers to the belief system.
Religion is made of roots and branches.

Roots are the beliefs and are extremely important. Without which, one cannot claim to Muslim or even Shia.

Examples are aqeedah are belief in Allah, prophet, imams, day of Judgment etc

Branches are the practices such as salat, fast, hajj etc