My question is regarding black magic. My family has been having a lot of problems for the last decade. We belong to a family where people don't pay much attention to superstitions and black magic kind of stuff. We have been told by many people that our family is under black magic spell. Many times we have ound maash ki daal and eggs at our doorstep. Then today my mothers clothes were sprayed with blood. Kindly help me as what can i do about it and how can we get rid of it?

Please recite namaz awwal waqt, try not to play music in your house if it's been performing, recite aayat al kursee 11 times till wahuwal aliyul azeem and 4 qol each one 4 times after fajr and isha, try to recite masaib of imam hussain for 1 or 2 minutes daily before going to bed .