My question is regarding Mixed Gyms. There are mixed gyms here, in 2017 I sent a question to the Office of His Eminence, Ayatullah Sistani about being able to attend a mixed gym if I can be sure to not look at the opposite gender with a lustful look. The reply I got was that this is not allowed. Now, my question is that what should I do in this case, I really can control myself in that particular environment and as far as gym music is concerned, for the entirety of my workout I listen to majalis of Imam Hussain to learn while im working out. I understand that the fatwa of a Marj’a is be all and end all, but what is your advice in this case if I really want to go.

If you can stay away from haram
Looks or gazes and protect your faith, then other marajie allow this and you can follow them in this regard, but you have to be very careful about this and practice taqwa all the time