My question is related to acquiring God given wisdom. Prophet Muhammad (s) said: “The person who devotes himself sincerely to God for forty days, streams of wisdom will flow from his heart to his tongue.” [Al-Suyuti, al-Durr al-Manthur, vol.2, p. 237].

1- How does one devote himself to God entirely? Are there any requirements? I feel as though keeping away from sin, and fulfilling ones obligatory requirments isn’t enough. I feel like there is something missing.
2- How to accuire sincirety in prayers? (prescense of heart) There are some prayers where I seem to have strong connection to Allah, and the next prayer all of a sudden I dont.
3- I have heard that if you are not able to cry during salatul layl, you should atleast pretend to cry, is this true?

1. Displaying sincerity
Definitely doing the wajib and staying away from haraam is necessary. Studying Islam sincerely and gaining knowledge
Serving others
2. Read Imam Khomeini’s book secrets of prayers
3. No