My question is that Allah in Quran ask us to obey and respect our parents and to help them when they grow old. And in many Ahadess of Imams it is mentioned that whichever way you will treat your parents your children will treat you the same in time to come.

I know all this, yet I feel dislikness towards my father. Why I feel this way for him Allah knows but all I know my feelings for him is bad in eyes of Allah so I want to make it correct. Can you help me in telling how can I stop feeling this way for him?

Some suggestions:

1- You love Allah, right? You like to serve Allah, correct? Treat him nicely for the sake of Allah. When he asks you to do things for him, realize you are doing it for Allah, and you should love working for Allah.

2- Don’t judge him. You may not fully know what his real life circumstances are. May he has been through a lot in the past. Try to love him more by seeing as a human being whom Allah assigned to be your father. Pray for him. Ask Allah ti truly guide him.

3- Read this Dua once in a while: