My question is that we as shia read namaz as zohrain and maghribain which is allowed, but on the day of Ashura, Imam Hussain a.s offered zohr and asar prayers separately. So we get more sawab offering them separately? and when we’re offering namaz as zohrain or maghribain so what are the times that these namaz get Qaza? if we offer zohrain at the time of asar so the zohar namaz won’t be qaza right?

We are permitted to offer zuhr and ‘asr together as well as maghrib and ‘isha prayers together. We are also allowed to perform them separately. Both ways are correct, but it is better to offer them separately which has more rewards according to narrations.

The time for zuhr or maghrib becomes qadha is when there remains only sufficient time left to make salat ul ‘asr and salat al ‘isha respectively.