My question is what is the punishment for being proud?
I have relatives that are practicing Muslims the kind of persons who remember God in their daily basis. Have limited their desires majorly for the sake of Allah. Changed lifestyle completely. But their ghurur – ruins their behavior. Or at least in my eyes. It is literally disgusting to watch them being so proud of them self, their position environment, their looks, their strength. They often say or treat people some way and can’t even handle the same treat back. I often have wondered when hearing them talk so big and think so big of them self and same time saying things like they are God fearing which I believe they are but shouldn’t they change the mindset. Being humble is the right thing? I am very confused. I couldn’t hold it back so I confronted them but some were grown men and they either laughed or didn’t admit or said Astagfirullah. I should tell them it is sinful to have pride. And really unattractive too. Is it wrong of me to get disgusted of them because of they have pride in them? Their ghurur discuss me, I see is as a bad thing- is that wrong of me?

A believer should not be arrogant, because arrogance is a very bad behavior, and it was mentioned in the divine hadith (Pride is my cloak, so whoever disputes my cloak, I will get him into my fire).
If what you say is true, then these people are far from the spirit of faith, because the believer is humble, and the more he worships, the more his humility and his sense of inferiority increases.
As for the one who takes pride in his worship and sees himself as a worshiper, this does not benefit anything from his worship, and on the Day of Resurrection his face will be struck with it.