My question to you is on one hand we have in Quran the event of how adam and hawaa were expelled from heaven on eating the forbidden apple and then on the other hand we have science which states theory of evolution in a very logical manner and supports the same with proof of fossils found millions And billions of years ago. Also in our body we have vestigial organs like nictitating membrane in eyes which was used by us when we we're living in water or appendix which was used to digest plants And leaves when we ate them which are a proof of scientific theory of evolution.

Evolution and creation can be reconciled.

(Muhammad ibn Ali al-Baqir pbuh said: Since the creation of the earth, God Almighty has created seven peoples who are not descendants of Adam. He created them from the soil of the earth and caused them to inhabit it, one after the other, each with his own people. Then, God Almighty created the father of this mankind, and He created his offspring from him." Al Sadooq 1982, 359. Arabic source, translated. Also Al-Ayashi 1991, vol. 2, 238.)

(The Prince of the Believers, Ali pbuh said: "God Almighty wanted to create a creation with His own hands after 7,000 years of Jinn and Nisnas existing on earth. He wanted to create Adam… I want to create a creature with My hands, and I want to make from his offspring prophets, messengers, righteous servants, and guided Imams, and make them vicegerents among My creation on My earth, who command them against disobeying Me, warn them of My torment, guide them to My obedience, and guide them to the path toward Me. I shall make them Proofs of Mine upon the others, and I will exterminate the Nisnas on My earth and cleanse it of them." Al-Qumi 1983, vol 1, 36. Arabic source, translated.)

We understand from the narrations of the household of The Prophet pbuhap about these beings called Nisnas, meaning human like in Arabic. Nowadays we know from Science about Neanderthals and Homo Erectus, and other human like beigns which have been confirmed by the fossil records, which preceded Homo Sapines. Imam Muhammad al-Baqir pbuh and Imam Ali pbuh knew and talked about it over 1000 years ago.