My son is preparing for exams and engineering entrance exams. He studies but can't write in exam. He is continuously getting very poor marks in school. He is left with very little confidence now. He gets suicidal thoughts .Pls let me know duas for him.

Allah has given us nobility I meant Human are the best creation of Allah amongst all his creatures. But how human became the best creation of Allah ?? The answer is just because of our intellect which Allah has given us. But same time what is the role of this intellect many people have this intellect but they are worsts that animals so we have to find the exact role of this intellect then we can say we are the best creation of Allah. The very role of this intellect is to differentiate between wrong and right. And this ability will not need to become a doctor or engineer. Every Human has this ability inside him or her only he/she has to listen his/her inner voice that is our instinct. So my dear don’t worry if you have not achieved your educational goal anyhow this doesn’t mean that the world has come to an end. There are many ways to achieve the goal of life. Education is not only restricted to find a good job and finish. Education can inbuilt our ability.By education we can realise the reality of world. In this world whatever we have not only the contribution of engineers only but there are many people who served this world so don’t think that you have failed in your life. Your life has just begun so please use this life to serve your family first and then humanity.