My toddler is due for her yearly flu vaccine which is a nasal spray. I have learnt that it contains pork gelatin. Is it permissible for her in islam to get the vaccine containing pork gelatin?

According to Sayid Sistani, if you are fairly certain that in the manufacturing of the spray (or anything else that contains animal gelatine) transformation استحالة takes place, then it is permissible to use. This is the case even if it’s pork gelatine. Ayatullah Khoei believed it that it does go through transformation and so it’s ok (confirmed to me by Sayid Milani).

So it comes to personal conviction. My personal opinion, and ofcourse non binding on anyone, and after speaking to my father as a chemist and Sh Usama Attar who has a PhD in chemistry and he asked his professor in Canada too, and they both confirmed transformation does take place